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E-commerce Marketing


E-commerce Marketing refers to using the online medium and platforms such as websites, blogs, landing pages, content marketing, and social media marketing to promote, advertise, create awareness, drive traffic to an e-commerce website in the market and improve conversions.

Besides the organic traffic coming to your website in terms of search engine ranking or content marketing or social media marketing, you can run paid campaigns (PPC campaigns) to drive traffic instantly to your website.

E-Commerce Marketing Process

  1. Reaching People: You can reach out to people by various ways such as:
    1. Optimizing your website (SEO): Activities involved are crawling through complete SEO of your website, content marketing, and improving existing links on the website.
    2. Blogging: Activities involved are writing and publishing blogs, managing ads, linking to other pages of your website and tagging.
    3. Advertising: Activities involved are PPC management, shopping sites and budgeted ads.
  1. Store Conversion: Once the traffic has come to your website, it is not necessary that everyone will buy your products. For engaging users and encouraging them to buy something from your website, you have to ensure that your e-commerce website is completely tuned to the users’ requirements in terms of the user friendliness, user interface and user experience. The factors that need to be taken into consideration to engage with the incoming traffic are A/B Testing, Store Promotions and merchandising of products. This is required so that the conversions can take place.
  1. Customer Communication: This is the part where you build a lot of newsletters by interacting and communicating with your customers and staying in touch with them. You can send them emails for your product reviews which is another very important factor in building a trust factor for your website. You can perform customer surveys for identifying the grey areas in your website. This feedback will help you in taking the corrective measures for improving your website. This in turn will help you bring more and more traffic.