Election Campaign

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Election Campaign

Promoting Election Campaigns through Digital Marketing

As the number to internet users continue to grow at a tremendous rate in India, political parties are also matching the pace. Along with traditional mediums of advertisement such as television and newspapers, they must also promote themselves digitally to give a tough competition to their rival parties.

Digital marketing helps political parties to connect with voters at a global level. Digital marketing of political campaigns has made it much easier to reach target audience in less time, with the accompanied advantage of reduced marketing cost.

Some of the “MUST DO” digital marketing strategies to be followed are listed below:

  1. Purchasing domain: Purchase several domains related to your name or your political party. There are times when your rivals take your domain name or related domain name and use it to redirect it to their websites. Purchasing a domain will protect your name and your brand.
  2. Branding the name of the candidate: Have a famous brand name, logo and an attractive slogan (just like Narendra Modi and Barack Obama). This brand name will be there on your website, banners, videos, advertisements, social media platforms etc. This differentiates you from your components.
  3. Website Development: A well designed, user friendly website is also a must. Websites should have candidate related content like their political journey, achievements, upcoming events, etc. Integrate your website with various social media platforms. Present details of your campaigns, press releases and all the issues you care about in the form of blogs. All of this makes it easy for the voters to choose who they want to vote for.
  4. Political campaign on social media: Having accounts on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook enhances the popularity among people. The more followers someone has, the more their posts are going to be liked and shared. Try to connect with voters and know what they are interested in and make your promises accordingly.
  5. Know who your target audience is and start paid advertising: Targeting the voters through manifestoes and promising to do things for every group in order to attract them. And as the campaign progresses, you can add PPC (Pay per Click) on various search engines to get more people onto your website.
  6. Email Marketing: Install forms on your websites with the help of platforms like MailChimp, Aweber etc. Build an email list & ask the visitors to fill the form for any assistance. This is an opportunity to get in touch with your voters at an individual level.
  7. Marketing through WhatsApp: Use WhatsApp to send memes and funny content related to political parties. Instruct young members to spread these messages by paying them for this.
  8. Audience Poll: It is conducted before the main elections to get an idea of who is going to win the elections. This will also tell the performance of your political advertising and marketing.
  9. SMS Marketing: Send funny text messages to the voters which may also have your slogan written in them to create your brand awareness.